Woo hoo! You really like me!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist quoting Sally Field’s famously odd and endearing reaction to winning her second Oscar. It’s really lovely to have someone let me know they appreciate my struggling little blog.

Thanks to Karen of Blinky Sews for the Liesbter Blog award! I really appreciate it! Like Karen, I was given this award once before, and didn’t have the wherewithal to accept it properly at the time (sewing a wedding dress and planning a wedding are quite a thing!). So thanks also to Ashley of Craft Sanctuary for recognizing me too.

The Liebster award, as I understand it, is meant to convey enjoyment and to help us all discover more small blogs like mine, with fewer than x (200? 500?) followers. To be frank, I have no idea how to determine how many followers I have, because WordPress followers have to get my posts in their email (something I would never do, as I get enough clutter in my email already), Bloglovin is just not a platform that I enjoy, and I mainly use an RSS feed, which reports how many people are following a blog through that reader specifically. So I shall do my best in finding other small blogs that meet the criteria.

Here are my 5 favorite small/new blogs:

CSews: Chuleenan makes dresses with great care, hats I could never in a million years wear, which look wonderful on her, and runs the Bay Area Sewists’ Meetup! I’m really looking forward to finally meeting her at our June meetup, if my sister’s baby comes at a complementary time!

Custom Style: Brooke may very well have over 500 followers on all aggregators, but she’s only got 100+ on Feedly, and I think you should know about her if you don’t already. She is a costumer by trade and I have learned so much from her already. We’ve been twitter and Instagram friends for a few months, and this wonderful gal actually put together a 12-IG tutorial on how she marks and sews darts when I asked, because her darts were so beautiful. She has a ton to share with the sewing sphere, and I feel lucky to ‘know’ her!

Sally Bee Makes: Sally is a young woman with a sewing talent and an adorable daughter named Faith, for whom she also sews. I like Sally’s enthusiasm for life, careful sewing, and really, Faith is freakin’ adorable. I’m so grateful that Sally sews for her and quotes her to the twittersphere.

Pelly Melly Patterns: Jane is not only a charmer, but she has taken pattern cutting courses, sewn for years, and last year she decided to grace us all with her knowledge. She does a crack job of showing how to do FBAs (full bust adjustments), beyond the basics (like sometimes you’ll want to add a dart, make sure not to add length to a piece until after you’ve done the FBA, etc.) and her clothes are just lovely, including knitted projects. Do go check her out!

The Finished Garment: Shannon sews for her very lucky kids, makes great use of quilting cottons (how about those Koi pants??), and has assembled some wonderful lists of Canadian resources, including indie pattern designers—how appropriate for Sewing Indie Month? He photography is great, and I have to admit, looking at these blogs is giving me serious blog and camera envy!

Now, Karen kindly supplied me with questions to answer for you, plus I am supposed to add some “random facts.” here goes!

1. Why did you start a sewing blog? –I started sewing in earnest three years ago and learned so much from the blogs out there that I wanted to participate. Turns out I haven’t yet found my stride as a blogger, but I’m getting SO much fun and connection from twitter and IG these days that it’s helping me warm up my blogging muscles.

2. Do you have a favorite sewing tip? –This week it’s got to be GET A NEW SEAM RIPPER! I can’t believe how much better my experience is after replacing my . . . 7 year old one? The new ripper cuts through threads like they are made of morning dew, or something more logical that’s also no likely to be hard to cut through.

3. What is your favorite sewing notion? –Hmmm, not sure. Thread was the first thing that came to mind, since I have a spool rack now and it looks so pretty on my sewing center shelf. I’ll go with that, and not over think it.

4. What is your dream sewing machine(s) if money was no object? –I should some day go try one of the nutty Berninas at the dealer where I have bought my sensible Babylocks. Maybe I’d love to have one of them. And to be honest, I use my dream sewing machine all the time—this January I splurged on the Babylock Evolution and I LOVE THAT THING. I have tried to figure out how to make out with it, but it’s got too many pointy bits. And I’m a married woman. But if it were possible and appropriate, I would. 😉

5. What super power would you like to have? –I’m a flying girl. Although I notice that this isn’t the usual “Flying vs. Invisibility” question so I will think a little bigger and say teleportation/tessering. If I could travel instantaneously I could live where I want, work where I do, hang out with friends around the world, and yes, life would be awesome!

6. What is your dream job? –I think I have it. I work as a product manager for an enterprise (read: big businesses use it) software company, and I love that I get to combine organizational, communication and negotiation skills in many tasks every day. It’s creative, it doesn’t get boring, and my only real complaint is that I have so many meetings that it’s hard to find time to make good on all my “action items!”

7. Where would you like to visit? (Where are you from?) –I’m ready to go back and visit the UK for real. I got robbed in London when I was 19 (not in person, thank goodness; my backpack was stolen from the hostel while I was out for the day), and I am eager to go back and tramp all over with my smart husband, who tells me amazing things whenever we go to museums or historical sites (He reads a LOT.). I’m from Los Angeles, live south of San Francisco, and I’ve lived in New York City, Berlin and Vienna too.

8. Do you have a favorite pattern or item to sew? –I sew a lot of knits. I am just about full up on t-shirts now, but not quite done making what I call “pajama dresses” (more on this later in the week). I have really gotten my skills in order for the knit garment, and I like that. It’s about time to turn my focus to excellent woven garments, I think! I hope the next favorite will be skirts—I could use some!

9. What do you like to do when you are not sewing? –Running! We’re training for a half marathon this year. And cooking, reading sewing blogs, and . . . I’ll admit it, we watch a fair amount of TV. Excellent TV, however, served fresh off the DVD or Netflix, sand commercials.

10. What is your favorite food? I hope that in my lifetime I can have a vat-grown beef hamburger, because I really miss cheeseburgers! I am really glad to be a vegetarian for many reasons (pretty, sweet cows!) but I sure did love a good cheeseburger in my meat eating days. Now I think it’s probably really fine pizza, like they have at Pauline’s in San Francisco.

Whew! You’d think I like writing and communicating, or something.

Random facts:

  • I am a dual German and American citizen.
  • I owned my first house before I was 25. It was in Staten Island and treated me very well.
  • I married very young, at 22. I thank my stars that I got out of that one at 30.
  • I met the love of my life on OK Cupid. Don’t underestimate the power of a great algorithm, folks!
  • I am a very slow sewer! I can’t even begin to believe the speed of some of the ladies and gents out in our blogosphere!

And with that, I am almost done. Chuleenan, Brooke, Sally, Jane and Shannon, if you choose to play along with this favorites game (Liebster means “favorite” in German), please nominate 5-11 little blogs like ours, tell us 5 things about yourself, and answer the following 10 questions, so we can learn more about you (with thanks to Karen for all the questions I’m cribbing here):

1. Why did you start a sewing blog?
2. What’s your proudest sewing achievement?
3. What crazy-expensive fabric would you sew with if money were no object?
4. What sewing task would you happily never do again, if fairies would do it for you?
5. What super power would you like to have?
6. What is your dream job?
7. Where are you from?
8. Do you have a favorite pattern or item to sew?
9. What do you like to do when you are not sewing?
10. Who taught you to sew?

Thanks again, so very much, Karen! This has been a blast!

7 Replies to “Woo hoo! You really like me!”

  1. Rebecca – Thanks for much for the nomination. I appreciate it! Because I was nominated earlier this year, I’ll answer your questions here:
    1. Why did you start a sewing blog? My initial purpose was to learn a content management system, in my case, I picked WordPress. Then I decided that I wanted to write about something I enjoyed. I had been sewing for a couple of years (after a long hiatus) and thought it would be a fun to write about stuff I made/learned along the way.
    2. What’s your proudest sewing achievement? So far I’d say matching chevrons. I didn’t make a muslin but it worked out. 😉
    3. What crazy-expensive fabric would you sew with if money were no object? Oh, interesting question, if money were no object – Missoni knit fabric.
    4. What sewing task would you happily never do again, if fairies would do it for you? hand sewing a herringbone stretch stitch on a foldeover elastic waistband. Very tedious and time-consuming.
    5. What super power would you like to have? B/c we’re dealing with sewing here, I’ll say the ability to conjure an outfit in an instant out of whatever fabric I wanted.
    6. What is your dream job? To be able to get up in the morning and do whatever I wanted
    7. Where are you from? upstate New York
    8. Do you have a favorite pattern or item to sew? I don’t really have any favorites at the moment. It’s more like whatever I happen to be working on at the moment. I hope to finish a By Hand London Anna dress soon and the Beatrice Dress by Sew Chic Patterns (nice neckline on this vintage inspired pattern).
    9. What do you like to do when you are not sewing? Read, listen to music (live and recorded), see films
    10. Who taught you to sew? my mom – she taught me and my three sisters.

  2. Aww thanks for the nomination! Since I’ve already received and blogged this before, I’ll answer your questions here. (btw, the IG dart pics will be my next blog post – so thanks for helping me write a post in a way!)

    1. Why did you start a sewing blog? I actually started it after getting tired of paying for a website no one ever really found. It was originally a little more business websitey and has turned into more of a sewing community blog over time. It’s still a good portfolio site but now, hopefully, it’s also more fun to read.
    2. What’s your proudest sewing achievement? Not sure. I guess being able to answer questions off the top of my head is pretty amazing. I don’t know when I really reached that point, but I remember when I still didn’t know how to do a lot of stuff, so it seems a little weird that I just know things now.
    3. What crazy-expensive fabric would you sew with if money were no object? I’ve been really lucky to have worked on shows where the designers buy crazy expensive fabrics. (The trick is not thinking about it!) It really is true that the expensive nice stuff is actually easier to work with in most cases. I love working with 4-ply silk but I don’t know that I’d want to sew it all the time (I like prints too much!).
    4. What sewing task would you happily never do again, if fairies would do it for you? What I call “plier sewing” – I hate it like nothing else. It’s when I need a pair of pliers to push and pull my handsewing needle through whatever I’m sewing. Snaps and hooks & eyes are a close second and sometimes combined with plier-sewing. I really dislike the utilitarian sewing – especially the costuming kind.
    5. What super power would you like to have? Definitely teleportation! I’ve always wished I could visit my friends more easily (including the ones across town)!
    6. What is your dream job? I really like what I do for the most part. I just wish some of the stupidity that comes with freelance costuming could be reduced (like the last minute calls and the impossible expectations). If I could pick my favorite coworkers and find a permanent shop for us to work in, that would probably be my dream.
    7. Where are you from? Born in Oklahoma and lived there, North Carolina, and Texas. Pick a year and I’ll let you know. I’m from “around”, hehe.
    8. Do you have a favorite pattern or item to sew? Generally, I like making dresses best.
    9. What do you like to do when you are not sewing? Reading and spending time with my husband.
    10. Who taught you to sew? My mom but I was mostly on my own. You can read about it in this old blog post.

    1. Oh boo! I will take the fact that you came to answer the questions here as a sign that you don’t mind the repeat nomination. 🙂 Thanks so much for the participation and all that you contribute, and I look forward to reading your post about learning from your mom!

      1. No, I don’t mind the repeat nomination at all! I think the title of your post does a good job of summarizing my feelings about it too. =)

        Plus, I’m glad your comment on my blog reminded me to add your blog to my Feedly reader!

      2. Oh, and I forgot to mention that when I had to buy a new sewing machine about a year and a half ago, I chose a Baby Lock. I love it and would never trade it for a Bernina (I’ve used Berninas many times but never liked them enough to want one for myself).

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