So, for a while I lost my sewing mojo. I had terrible issues with the simple Brother I’d been using for over a decade. I made my lion a couple of shirts, a process which ground to a halt when the thing just wouldn’t make buttonholes any more.

Then I got a new job, which took up a lot of time and energy. I still don’t have the many-evenings-a-week time/energy for sewing that I had when working a closer, easier, more boring job. I probably won’t have that same quality or amount of energy again, but the great news is that it’s worth it. I love my new job, even with having to buy a car and commute about 20 miles each way. Also, it pays WAY better, so after struggling for a while with the old machine, I bought a marvelous new one, a Babylock Elizabeth, and it was easily affordable! 🙂

That was this past spring.

Then life settled a bit and I did get some things made. From the queue, even! We had a big family vacation with my parents and sister/brother-in-law planned for early July in Alaska. Since it was a cruise we both had great opportunities to wear me-mades. That was fun.

FINALLY Finishing the Cookie Shirt
Ocelittle helps me finish the long-suffering Cookie Shirt.

I’ll have to get my lion to model the shirt that killed my old Brother (though really, it’s not dead and was recently serviced, so I sold it for 80% of the price of the service. Sigh.). Somehow we don’t have a pic of him in that wonderful, crazy chocolate-chip cookie quilting cotton fabric shirt. I’ll amend that soon.

Here’s a picture of the Ocelittle helping me get the last buttonholes done on the new Babylock.

Night Forest Blouse and Skirt
Formal night on our cruise

The first thing I made on the Babylock was from the Big Queue: Cynthia Rowley’s Simplicity 2215. It went together like a dream, but I made the skirt out of a mid-weight cotton sateen, and it feels a bit poofy for my taste. I also had to insert tiny godets to get the blouse to fit around my hips, and now I find I’d like to take them out or make them even smaller, so that I can wear the blouse untucked. They stick out just a little more pointily than I’d like, for wearing it untucked with jeans. Oh dear, I can tell I should do a real post on this make–I’ll add that to the list of posts forming in my mind right now.

In the picture you can see that my poor mom broke her arm shortly before the trip. We all helped her with things, and a cruise is a pretty great way to travel for someone who’s feeling less than totally spry. And it added one element of fun–for her birthday (shortly before we all met up), I made her a “formal” sling for fancy dinner nights.

Taffy Blouse in the Wild
Mom and Sisters, and a Me-Made!

And here’s Collette’s Taffy blouse, which I made up in a cheap, easy, FUN polyester chiffon. I really enjoyed learning French seams and bias binding, and I have made another, sleeveless version since. I’ll document these a bit more too, because I’m still working on a proper fit, and I think this is an interesting candidate for continuing to work on it. I’ve not worn a lot of bias garments before since I’m so very curvy, and they can tend to cling strangely. This one, however, is pretty forgiving, and I would like to perfect it as it goes together so easily and looks so nice for a simple pattern.

This afternoon I’ll catch some photos of other makes since the Great Blogging Doldrums hit, and then I aim to do a better job of keeping this up in general. It’s fun, and I sure enjoy reading all your blogs, so I want to contribute in my own way too!

Happy Sunday to everyone out there, and may you have a cozy sewing day if that’s what you crave. (Can you tell that’s what I’m itching for?)