Deer & Doe Plantain + SoZoBlog Vest = Awesome Tops from Free Patterns!

Well, this was meant to be posted in February–you know, Sew Grateful Week? Ah well, life gets away with us! It took me literally 6 weeks to manage to send my Sew Grateful giveaway winners their booty. I would feel bad, but you know what? Our town has ONE post office open on Saturday, and it’s only open until 1PM. So sue me. It took a long time, but the packages are on their way!

And I did sew the heck out of two fabulous free patterns in February. #1 is one I’ve had the fabric and traced-off pattern for for over a year, but was waiting for lingerie elastic: the SoZoBlog Free Vest Pattern! It’s simple, but perfect!


It gave me the opportunity to try the elastic application foot on my new serger, and that worked a treat! Now, if I could only get my coverstitch binder to work as well. I need LOTS more practice with that.


I sewed it up to go with my first Deer & Doe Plantain shirt, of a lovely soft purple slub tissue jersey from Fabric Outlet in SF. Sadly, this one shrank again a couple of times after sewing, though I had pre-treated the fabric, but at least it’s still wearable, if not precisely drapey!


After the purple Plantain was so successful, I made up a kind-of colorblocked one from scraps of another project–to be blogged in a couple of days–and a third from scraps of a StyleArc Nina Cardigan. For the second two I decided I wanted a little more swing in the hips, so I added a bit of width right down the center front a back, like so:


Maybe not the best idea, as at least in the drapier bamboo jersey it’s a little pronounced at the front. I thing next time I may slash-and spread in the middle of the pattern piece so as to gain more distributed width. Or, given that my running is starting to have a desirable effect on my waistline, I may not top it up on width at the hips at all next time. And there WILL be a next time! I love this pattern!



So, better late than never. Here they are, 4 wonderful tops from generously offered free patterns. And yes, Zoe, I did buy you a coffee today when I was reminded as I put in the link above. 🙂

Have a beautiful week, beautifuls!

Sew Grateful Catch-Up and Giveaway Winner

What a fun, busy, BUSY week I had last week! I work very closely every day with a supervisor who is based in the Washington DC area (as well as software engineers who are based in Shanghai and Bangalore), and my “boss” (he is my boss, but we work very collaboratively) was in town last week. It always makes for a very busy week.

This means that I only got ONE Sew Grateful post up, but hey, at least it was a giveaway! And today I’m happy to announce the two winners:

For Set #1, without covers, our random number generator chose Maryall, of

Three funky, funky patterns!
Three funky, funky patterns!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.24.08 AM

For Set #2, with covers, our random number generator chose Alison of

Two lovely patterns with plastic covers!
Two lovely patterns with plastic covers!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.24.30 AM

I’ll send you both emails momentarily to get mailing addresses. And I even already have padded envelopes! There’s hope that I may send the packages in March. 😉 Seriously, though, why does the post office have to be so dang inconvenient for working people??

I did actually plan two other Sew Grateful posts, but I’m having serious blog photo backups. I have a free pattern project post–the fabulous Deer & Doe Plantain pattern has come off my serger not one, not two, but THREE times this past month.

Who’s Got the Funk? SewTigerSew’s Sew Grateful Giveaway

Three funky, funky patterns!
Three funky, funky patterns!
Two lovely patterns with plastic covers!
Two lovely patterns with plastic covers!

Today in honor of Sew Grateful Week I’d like to offer two lots of vintage patterns, one with plastic covers and one without. (I had no idea how to split these up, so covers it was!) Click each picture for a larger, more detailed view.

These came to me through a super-fun swap in 2011 at Mena’s (of Sew Weekly and TypePad fame) place, and I have made up two and found both to be awkward for me. They just didn’t fit the way I’m used to things fitting, and I had to realize that I’m just used to modern ease, etc. I think it’s time they moved on to new homes.

To enter, leave a comment telling me which lot you’d like to win and which pattern you think you might actually make up. I’ll be happy to ship worldwide, so please enter from anywhere! I’ll use a random number thingie, assuming more than two people leave comments. 😉

Update: I’m keeping this giveaway open through Friday, February 28th, so please feel free to enter throughout the week!