New Sewing Space!

So, we moved house from San Francisco to Redwood City at the end of September, 2013. It was in most ways a really great improvement for us! We still don’t have restaurants we’re nuts about, but other than that, let’s see . . . more space, beautiful old building, 4 full-grown redwoods 6 feet from our windows, great neighborhood for regular running and constitutionals, 95% fewer homeless people in my every day experience, and hiking/trail running within a 20 minute drive! It’s heavenly!

IMG_5555We did have a bump or two with moving, as usual. We had a lot of issues with noise from our upstairs neighbor, whose wood floors were VERY creaky and who had movement at all hours of the night. There were various other issues, including machinery noises, that made our hoped-for haven a little less heavenly than we’d have liked.

So wouldn’t you know, when two months later the upstairs unit came available, though it took us a while to stomach the extra work, we went ahead and moved everything one floor up. We’re now on the top floor, and that is a good thing! I feel bad, though, because this apartment’s floors are MUCH creakier than the ones downstairs. No wonder they were waking us up! We never wear shoes in the house, and hope we’re not plaguing our new downstairs neighbor. IMG_5561

But in some ways my ~favorite~ part is that I have a sewing corner now! I used to cut on a 6-foot long folding table in our kitchen, and sew on the kitchen table. Now I have a permanent desk with shelves for tools, patterns, short-list fabrics, and more. And I also have a proper cutting table, albeit a foldaway. I find it’s just fine, even if it’s not super-deluxe custom. As a matter of fact, I used to hate cutting and tracing, but now I find I quite like it!

One of the things I love about it is that I’m not off in a separate room, but in a corner of our very large living room. So my husband can read or play games and I can sew, all in the same space! I like the fact that I don’t listen to as much TV this way, and when I do want to listen to something, it’s an audiobook on my ipod.

My little space is made up of an Ikea Expedit desk, a Joann’s tilting hobby table, my Fabulous Fit-ed Dritz dress form, and my sewing books on the bookshelf to the left of it all. And that’s enough for me!