Deer & Doe Plantain + SoZoBlog Vest = Awesome Tops from Free Patterns!

Well, this was meant to be posted in February–you know, Sew Grateful Week? Ah well, life gets away with us! It took me literally 6 weeks to manage to send my Sew Grateful giveaway winners their booty. I would feel bad, but you know what? Our town has ONE post office open on Saturday, and it’s only open until 1PM. So sue me. It took a long time, but the packages are on their way!

And I did sew the heck out of two fabulous free patterns in February. #1 is one I’ve had the fabric and traced-off pattern for for over a year, but was waiting for lingerie elastic: the SoZoBlog Free Vest Pattern! It’s simple, but perfect!


It gave me the opportunity to try the elastic application foot on my new serger, and that worked a treat! Now, if I could only get my coverstitch binder to work as well. I need LOTS more practice with that.


I sewed it up to go with my first Deer & Doe Plantain shirt, of a lovely soft purple slub tissue jersey from Fabric Outlet in SF. Sadly, this one shrank again a couple of times after sewing, though I had pre-treated the fabric, but at least it’s still wearable, if not precisely drapey!


After the purple Plantain was so successful, I made up a kind-of colorblocked one from scraps of another project–to be blogged in a couple of days–and a third from scraps of a StyleArc Nina Cardigan. For the second two I decided I wanted a little more swing in the hips, so I added a bit of width right down the center front a back, like so:


Maybe not the best idea, as at least in the drapier bamboo jersey it’s a little pronounced at the front. I thing next time I may slash-and spread in the middle of the pattern piece so as to gain more distributed width. Or, given that my running is starting to have a desirable effect on my waistline, I may not top it up on width at the hips at all next time. And there WILL be a next time! I love this pattern!



So, better late than never. Here they are, 4 wonderful tops from generously offered free patterns. And yes, Zoe, I did buy you a coffee today when I was reminded as I put in the link above. 🙂

Have a beautiful week, beautifuls!