The Big Queue

I have a very large queue of patterns I own and would like to sew. For many of them I have fabric already, some of them are important to my wardrobe development in the next months, and some don’t really fit in until I feel I’ve lost some of the most very extra fluff on my body at the moment. I’m still a bit in the mode of sewing things that will fit well now and later, or which are at least not too hard to take in. I also have a couple of gifts on the list for making soon.

In expected order of sewing:

Simplicity 4074 Long-Sleeved Top

I have already sewn up the skirt in a nice dark brown cotton/rayon jersey, and the sash in a rayon jersey pattern that nicely ties the dark brown to the clear grey-blue jersey I’ve chosen for the top. I have the top cut out already and plan to sew it up, along with taking in the elastic on the skirt waist a bit, tomorrow. This will bring much-needed help to my cool weather wardrobe, though of course these days in SF we’re not that cold! Still, I know it won’t be long, and with my weight up, I need another couple of easy to wear pieces. I haven’t been wearing the skirt as much as I’d like, without the top to go with it.

Burdastyle Free One-Piece Kimono Sleeve T

I’ve already made this easy T in three jerseys, and am starting to be interested in adapting it some. I also have a bunch of jersey left over from the two empire-waist dresses I’ve made in the past few months, and the outfit above. I think I may have to piece one or two together to get the fabric I need, but I have a serger and I think I could do some fun color-blocking with at least two of the blues that I have (if it’s in the same color family, does it count?). Anyhow, I need more tops and I find this one fits me better and looks more interesting than the commercial tshirts I have in my closet, so why not use up fabric rather than letting it sit in my stash?

Collette Negroni

I owe the Lion this shirt, which I promised him when he first laid eyes on a fabric he could imagine wanting me to sew up into a shirt for him–chocolate chip cookie quilting fabric! He knows that it may be a bit stiff, but he’s a real chocolate chip cookie man, so quilting cotton it is! I anticipate making the shirt a little boxy, like an aloha shirt. I’m excited to sew something for him! Ive knitted him two hats, a pair of socks and a pullover, but this will be the first thing I sew for him. I’m not sure about fit so I got a cheap fabric to use to make a (hopefully wearable) muslin.

Collette Clover

I’m attending a fit clinic on February 18th, so I’d like to get the muslin for these made up by then. I feel a little mixed about it, because I hate to spend time on fitting pants as I (hopefully) shrink some. I don’t want to “punish” myself with wardrobe austerity, but I also want to concentrate on making things that are versatile enough to fit me well over a longer period of time. I think that this fit clinic will be a good learning experience no matter what, even if I put the muslin away and fit it again in a couple of months.

Burda 8351

I’m sewing this dress for my mom, a belated 60th birthday present for her. We weren’t able to go shopping for fabric and pattern until 4 months after her birthday, but we chose something in linen, underlined with cotton broadcloth, so it should work OK to get it made for summer. She lives in Los Angeles, so my plan is to cut out and baste the underlining for her to try and mark (in washable pen), after which I’ll adjust, cut the fashion fabric and make it up. I’m hoping this goes well, as I will have experience fitting muslins and adjusting patterns by the time she tries on and marks the underlining. Notice I’m also planning to use the underlining as a muslin? Lazy Tiger!

Simplicity 2145 and 2369

I got totally taken in early this month by a 99 cent Simplicity sale, so there are a lot of Simplicity patterns in the queue now. I think I will do two dress patterns I got early this year, because they’ll fit now, and fit pretty well later, too, I reckon.

One thing I love about being hourglass-shaped is that no matter what my weight, there are some styles of dress that look good on me. Jersey wrap dresses are one of these, for sure. I may do my Vogue wrap dress instead of 2145 first, since, well, wrap dresses are even more “adjustable.”

Collette Meringue Skirt

Though I may not be back down to what I consider “normal” girth at this point, I think it will be time to start the fun of sewing from the Collette Handbook. I have a wonderful lime green poplin for this project already, so I’m likely to get it going some time early in the queue. And I think if I make it with the facing, rather than drafting a waistband (which would actually be my preference for further iterations), it won’t be too hard to take in at a later date. And even if not, well, my dear bod deserves some nice new things even if they only fit for a while, right?

Simplicity 1812

I need some more tops, and when I’m fitting into the majority of my trousers again I’ll definitely be wanting more separates. I think it will be fun to dip into vintage patterns by making the blouse from this pettern. I’d love to do the pants and overskirt some time too, but as a start I know I’d really enjoy the Mandarin collar and edged sleeves of the blouse in the teal ensemble quite a bit. Especially if I can find a light woven with a bit of stretch in it. I have an office that’s unfortunately rather warm whenever the heat is on at work, very unlike my frigid open-plan workspace last winter, so having options that fit well under a jacket or sweater, but which are fairly light themselves, is really handy.

Simplicity 2215

By the time it’s appropriate to make this pattern up, it should be getting close to summer (or the little bit of summer we get in May/early June here in SF, before the cold of June/July/August, and I will be training for the 101st Bay to Breakers 12k. We’re just easing into our running again, and did a good 7k this morning, so by May I anticipate we’ll be doing some hill and speed workouts, and long runs up in the 15k  length or so. Which all means, I look forward to making this in a size that’s more usual for me! The top and dirndl skirt are most likely what I’ll make, without frayed edges.

And, on top of all that, I’ll be doing my best to interpret patterns and test-sew some of them for The 1912 Project! My personal goal will be to learn how to read these old patterns, to practice piecing and sewing shapes that are very new to me, and eventually at some point in 2012 to choose something to make “for real” with lovely fabric, which I could wear in a little less than a year to San Francisco’s Edwardian Ball (which is thankfully not strictly Edwardian period, but also includes things Edward Gorey-ish).

If I accomplish all this, I will be a very very happy Tiger!