Fancy Jammies Giveaway!

Hello there everyone!

How are you doing? Here in the SF Bay area this time of year is always a little confusing to me—kids have gone back to school and the pumpkin spice everything is on people’s minds, but it’s also when we have our real summer weather. Where I live, thankfully, it’s not too cold/foggy all summer, but I commute every day into San Francisco and usually bring a sweater to don once I get off the train there. This past week it’s been downright HOT in the city, as is pretty typical of September/October ‘round here.

Despite the heat, however, the light is definitely changing and I am thinking about Fall. Soon I’ll sew by lamplight in the evenings and I’ll swap my Birkenstock house shoes for wool slippers. And when the temperatures start to dip, it will be time for cozy lounge wear at home.

Is anyone else out there like me, dressed in me-made splendor all day long, only to don ratty yoga pants and pajamas from Target when it’s time to curl up with knitting or a book? Or maybe you already have a set or two of Closet Case Files Carolyn Pyjamas and you know how great it is to cuddle up in your handmades? Either way, doesn’t a little cozy luxury sound good for this Fall?

Here’s an example: I’ve made up these lounging pants for my husband, which he’s wearing whenever it’s cool enough. He chose the print and I adapted the pattern to suit how he likes to wear them, and he couldn’t be happier to come home and don his fancy jammies at the end of the day. Don’t you want some too?

Sleepy Foxes PJs!
Sleepy Foxes PJs!

Sleepy Foxes - 4

Well, Sew Tiger Sew and Lillestoff have your back!

I LOVE Lillestoff fabric. First introduced to them by Handmade by HeatherB and and Kadiddlehopper, I made my first Lillestoff garment last year. I started corresponding with the wonderful folks in Langenhagen, Germany, this Spring when I noticed that they had put up an e-commerce site. At the time, shipping costs to the US were very high, but they have since created an English version of the site and they themselves cover much of the shipping cost. They are delightful people and have set up a WONDERFUL looking showroom and sewing cafe at their manufacturing site, which I would dearly love to visit some day.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.29.54 AM

Over these months Daniele and Nele and I have been plotting how best to help more of our wonderful sewing blogosphere here in the US get to know their wonderful fabrics. For Lillestoff not only offer the most amazing prints on jersey and woven fabrics, their fabric is organic and is a dream to sew. Stable and a little beefy, but with Lycra content and great recovery, their jerseys are also printed with a process that makes the prints resilient to stretching and not at all stiff or scratchy. I am in LOVE with Lillestoff fabric, and I want everyone to be able to try it!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve come up with a great way to help a whole bunch of you try Lillestoff fabrics: a pyjama party of sorts!

Fancy Jammies is a giveaway and sewalong all rolled into one.

First, we’ll give away 10 lengths of luscious Lillestoff fabric, and then we can all sew up our fancy jammies together, and spend the Fall cozy and and fashionable in our whimsical or more elegant Lillestoff lounge-pants.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the US e-commerce site for Lillestoff
  2. Find your very favorite jersey or woven fabric
  3. Find a fancy jammy pants pattern you want to sew (stash or new!)
  4. Comment below and let us know which pattern you’d use and which fabric you’d like to sew it up. Don’t forget to tell us how many meters you’d need for your size!
  5. On October 11th I’ll choose 10 lucky winners at random.
  6. When I get the package from Lillestoff I’ll repackage and send your fabric on to you.
Lillestoff for US Customers
Lillestoff for US Customers

And then we can sew up our jammies together, whether you’ve won fabric in the giveaway or not. I’ll be sewing up this yardage in this BurdaStyle pattern for myself, and sharing all my jersey-sewing tips and tricks along the way.

Don’t you want to get your cozy luxury on? Join in! We’d love to shower you with comfy beauty. Remember, there will be TEN lucky winners!

Fancy Jams

UFO Down!

Hi there!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted, which is a pretty poor showing as I’m working to revive Sew Tiger Sew. While I’m not nuts about that, It’s just life. I have a very demanding job at a software startup, and sometimes it just takes over for a while. I even had so much work and work anxiety last weekend that I didn’t sew a stitch! I did do a bit of pattern adjustment for a Maria Denmark Rachel wrap dress, but that’s pretty small potatoes for me on a weekend. Sewing is a big part of how I restore on weekends and evenings.

I’ve also spent a silly amount of time looking for a way to create a nice looking graphic for a wonderful event we have coming up here on the blog, about which I am SO excited to tell you all very soon. I’m happy to say that I found a good online option for creating a blog badge without too much fuss— Some of the backgrounds and images cost a small fee, but it’s a great way to slap something together and to know that you’re good with any copyright owners.

Anyhow! On to the sewing…I’ve had one UFO to pick off before I could really dive into this next project. Nope, I’m not taking potshots at the sky; I had to finish a pair of lightweight jeans I basted together as a muslin for the hiking trousers I made myself before our vacation in July! I’ve been literally short on trousers since my Ginger jeans went and shrank on me (turning themselves into ankle jeans!) even after I’d prewashed the fabric, so I wanted to finish these up.

High Pants - 3

High Pants - 1

It was a bit laborious for my taste, since I don’t know that I love this pattern for anything other than the hiking purposes, but I did the work in small doses, switching thread on my main machine rather than running the Singer featherweight as well for topstitching. This mainly worked out well, but I did have one hilarious snafu: I somehow topstitched one inner leg seam with the seam allowance toward the front of the leg, rather than the back. It’s not something I expect any mere mortal to notice, but it’s pretty funny if you know anything about jeans construction.

High Pants - 5

There are lots of ways in which I love these jeans, but some things are less than pleasing. The extra room I added to the back of the leg for the hiking trousers needs to be removed in a non-athletic application like this. And worst of all, there’s something a bit off in the crotch curve for this 10% stretch (the hiking trousers are about 30% stretch) so that while they are actually quite loose and breezy while I’m standing, they are a bit uncomfortable when I sit. Sad tiger! I’m hoping that, since I’m currently losing weight, it may resolve in a couple more weeks. On the other hand, looking at the rear view, I think my adjustments to the curve just really didn’t work out. I think I may convert these to a denim skirt and call it a day!

High Pants - 2