Fehr Trade Spring Race Challenge

Hi all!

I have an impossible backlog of blog photos to take, and hope I will have laundry, husband and weather aligned tomorrow to do so, but in the mean time, know this:

I’m in taking part in the Fehr Trade Spring Race ChallengeFehr Trade Spring Race Challenge

I’ll be running a 5k on April 5th, wearing some me-sewn running gear and learning for the first time in over a decade what my 5k time is. This is a great kick in the pants for me, as I’m aiming for a November half marathon, and therefore it’s time to start getting a sense of my race speeds. I’ve been getting speedier (for me) in training, so I hope that I can break 30 minutes in the 5k race. Yes, I’m that slow. But I don’t care! I love running in our beautiful California environment, and if I’m slow, it’s just that much more enjoyment. 😉

We’ll see what I have ready to wear at that time, as my Fehr Trade PBJam Leggings are too warm already for most days, but I will at least have some (as yet unblogged) running SewingCake Espresso capris, and hopefully a Fehr Trade XYT Top to show off!

Sew Grateful Catch-Up and Giveaway Winner

What a fun, busy, BUSY week I had last week! I work very closely every day with a supervisor who is based in the Washington DC area (as well as software engineers who are based in Shanghai and Bangalore), and my “boss” (he is my boss, but we work very collaboratively) was in town last week. It always makes for a very busy week.

This means that I only got ONE Sew Grateful post up, but hey, at least it was a giveaway! And today I’m happy to announce the two winners:

For Set #1, without covers, our random number generator chose Maryall, of http://maryall.wordpress.com/.

Three funky, funky patterns!
Three funky, funky patterns!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.24.08 AM

For Set #2, with covers, our random number generator chose Alison of http://heavenlyhandmades.blogspot.co.uk/

Two lovely patterns with plastic covers!
Two lovely patterns with plastic covers!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 7.24.30 AM

I’ll send you both emails momentarily to get mailing addresses. And I even already have padded envelopes! There’s hope that I may send the packages in March. 😉 Seriously, though, why does the post office have to be so dang inconvenient for working people??

I did actually plan two other Sew Grateful posts, but I’m having serious blog photo backups. I have a free pattern project post–the fabulous Deer & Doe Plantain pattern has come off my serger not one, not two, but THREE times this past month.